Plants are good for your mental well-being


Plants! Plants! Plants! Research has shown that being around plants can reduce stress and anxiety levels. Indoor plants can create a calming and soothing environment, helping to lower blood pressure and heart rate. The presence of nature indoors can promote relaxation and a sense of tranquility, contributing to improved mood and mental well-being.

Like us, plants need to be nurtured. Spring and early summer is the best time to repot your houseplants. When indoor plants become root bound, they have difficulty absorbing enough water and nutrients, become susceptible to pests and unneeded stress and It may affect flowering and growth.

Other reasons to change the planter may include

  • the pot is old or damaged
  • the soil has broken down or no longer viable

Remember these 3 important factors to a successful transplant.


  1. Size of Container – indoor plants do not need large pots or space to grow. The pot should be no more than 2-4″ larger than the plant. Too large a container can cause overwatering.
  2. Type of Soil – It’s important to use an indoor plant soil. Outdoor soils could bring in unwanted pests and disease.
  3. Drainage – Be sure the pot has holes to drain water and use a few stones at the bottom to keep the soil from creating a barrier that doesn’t drain.
Most important, Enjoy the process! Studies have shown that houseplants can improve your mood, improve your focus and lessen feeling of anxiousness.
Having Indoor Plants In Your Home and Office Can Impact Your Health and Mental Wellness. Here Are 7 Science Backed Benefits of Indoor Plants:
  • Plants May Reduce Your Stress Levels
  • Real Live Plants Can Improve Your Focus
  • Plants Can Help You Heal Faster
  • Interacting With Plants Can Be Therapeutic
  • Plants Can Improve Your Work Environment and How You Feel About Work
  • Indoor Plants Can Improve the Air Quality of Your Home or Office
  • Plants Can Improve Your Productivity
Each of these benefits have in common, is that a real live plant can have major impact on your well being simply by being in the room with you. the more you interact with the plants, the more diverse and impactful the benefits can be.
For myself, living in an apartment, my plants are even more critical. Having plants increases the humidity in the winter, limits static carpet shock, cuts down on dust and the number one most important reason to have plants, THEY MAKE ME HAPPY!