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I’m Angela Cenzalli, a Certified Mental Wellness Coach. If you’re ready to dramatically improve your professional and personal life, I have a ton of tools and resources all ready for you. To learn more, set up a free, no-hassle consultation. 

find your path to wellness

As your coach and mentor, I will provide you a holistic perspective on wellness and guide you towards optimal health and happiness. You have all the wisdom within yourself to achieve your goals, but stress and exhaustion can hide your true authentic self.

Together we will use a comprehensive approach to examine the following areas:

✓  Career 

✓  Relationships

✓  Physical Activity

✓  Sleep Quality

✓  Nutrition

✓  Stress Management

I use five holistic strategies for wellness. Together we will explore what resonates with you to identify obstacles, set goals for personal growth, unleash your inner self, take control of your life, and find inner peace. 

our pillars for growth

1:2:1 Small Group Mastermind

Healthy Habits

Horticultural Activities

Nature Immersion

Holistic Plant-Based Supplementation

get to know me

I am Angela Cenzalli, a Certified Mental Wellness Coach. After 23 years in the landscaping and snow industry and a decade in education and technology I have decided to unboss myself and build my own business serving others! I choose now to share my experiences by mentoring people through my wellness coaching and passion for the outdoors. Life’s a journey, let’s walk it together! I look forward to meeting you where you are at.

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