About B-Mentors

Angela Cenzalli

Founder – MCLP, CSP, ASM

Angela has over 17 years in the snow and landscape industry. Angela is proficient in all aspects of landscaping, snow & ice management and holds her MCLP (Massachusetts Certified Landscape Professional) as well as the Certified Snow Professional and Advanced Snow Manager designation with SIMA.  She currently sits on the SIMA Education committee and has for the past 5 years. She is the past president of the CCLA (Cape Cod Landscape Association).

Angela’s first introduction to snow removal was on a shovel team! After that experience she was determined to learn more and move up. In the beginning, she taught herself how to plow, knowing that wasn’t good enough she joined SIMA and began educating herself, networking with peers and learning the snow & Ice management business from top to bottom. Over the course of her 17 years in operations and management, she has provided winter services to residential, commercial, HOAs and COAs. She has managed sites as small as needing only herself to plow, shovel and icemelt up-to sites with 12 pieces of equipment and 50 shovelers for a small event.

Recently, Angela launched her own business, B-Mentors Consulting and Wellness Group.  Angela’s business focuses on training, wellness, operations and employee retention.  Angela believes there is a leader in everyone from the least experienced crew person to the top of company; they just need a path and opportunity to demonstrate it.

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